10 Ways to Add 10 People To Your Database This Week

Here are 10 ways to add 10 people to your database this week. Buy groceries everyday.   Pick up just a few of your needed items each day and then look for the line with the sharpest looking person in it. Strike up a conversation. Ask them what they do. They’ll ask you what you…

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Real Estate Scripts Matter

Real Estate Scripts Matter Get better at listening to your customers and clients. Build confidence. Be a professional real estate agent.

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Is Joining a Real Estate Team the Right Choice?

Real estate teams are great, but they are not for everybody.  Is joining a real estate team right for you? I love them. And I hate them. Most of the time when someone says to me that they are looking to “join a team” what they are really saying is that they lack the confidence…

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What the Dirty Kanza Meant to Me

I have intentionally waited a week to write about what the Dirty Kanza meant to me. Last Saturday, June 3, 2017 I rode the DK100, the “shorter” version of the Dirty Kanza which is a 200 mile bicycle endurance race through the Flint Hills of Kansas. The DK100 is a 100 mile race. In actuality…

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Olathe real estate agents

What Is Culture At Keller Williams Realty in Olathe, Kansas?

What is culture at Keller Williams Realty in Olathe, Kansas? How do we describe it and how do you know when you see it?  Let’s talk about some of what I describe as our company and, just as importantly, our particular franchise’s culture. Keller Williams Realty’s Stated Perspective From KW International’s webpage: A technology company that…

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kansas politics

My Thoughts on Kansas Politics Right Now

WARNING: Political Thoughts About My Kansas June 8, 2017 I love this state. From the suburban sprawl of Kansas City to the Flint Hills to Chalk Pyramids.  I was born and raised here (Well, technically I was born at St Luke’s in KCMO but got out 3 days later.): Katherine Carpenter and Cherokee Elementary, Broadmoor…

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15 Years Ago Today

15 years ago today I started my real estate business.  A week earlier I had decided to become a real estate agent.  I took the courses to become an Oklahoma license real estate agent and then on the Friday before Memorial Day I walked in to Scott Douglas Realty in Tulsa, OK and asked Randy…

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1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Explained

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Here is the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange explained in as simple of terms as I can get it.  For the professional real estate agent consider this training a bonus.  It’s great to know a little something about 1031 exchanges so that you can understand the conversation when talking with an investor. 1031…

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lead generation by chris lengquist

Lead Generate or Die

Even though I have not yet seen an actual copy I am happy to announce I am one of the authors of Lead Generate or Die!  I just looked it up on Amazon and here is the link. What is exciting about this is that this is the second book for which I have played…

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Six Personal Perspectives Pre-work Assignment

Please use this for your upcoming class with Chris Lengquist. Six Personal Perspectives Pre-work Assignment Take 5:02 minutes to watch this video. It’s quite thought provoking. 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed Be prepared to share your answer to the challenge the speaker, Ric Elias, poses: “How would you change? What would you…

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